Chimecho is a psychic type pokemon. James owns one chimecho he got at a festival in Fortree City.


When James was a little boy and was driving though the festival in a minivan. He saw a Chimecho, later that day James asked his parents if he could have the Chimecho, but they said no... So James took his own money and went to the festival that evening, but the Chimecho was gone.

When James came to that same festival couple of years later when he wasn't a kid and was working for team rocket , he saw Hoppips for sale that where painted like Chimecho , he thought they where chimechoes and bought one, later he found out it was a Hoppip.

At the same time James realized that he bought a Hoppip, a Chimecho flew towards him. James asked the Chimecho if he wanted to be james' pokemon, to witch Chimecho said yes.

When James' Chimecho got sick, James left it at his grandparents home hoping it would heal.

Known moves

Fun fact

Chimechos pokedex number is 358, that's the same number of the episode James got Chimecho in.